Our Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I claim my business page on VerView?

To claim your business page, please search and locate your business page and click the "Claim Business" button and complete the process.

My business isn't listed, how can I add my business?

To add your business please click this link and complete the process

I'm trying to claim my business page, but I can't get a verification code because the listing has the wrong phone number.

You can submit our contact form, provide your business page URL and correct phone number and our team will be able to assist you.

I posted a review and now I want to delete it.

You can login to edit any reviews you've posted in the past.

I want to delete a review someone posted about my business.

Customers have right to voice their experiences and share reviews. While you can't delete reviews, you can resolve reviews which effectively highlights your answer and removes the review from Google indexing. This feature is available to business owners under the Pro Plan. In the event where the review content is harmful, hurtful, fake or otherwise in violation of review guidelines, please contact us for support.

How do I get my business on top of VerView directory?

Businesses are displayed based on region and in the order of Pro plan > Claimed businesses > Unclaimed businesses

What are badges?

Badges and their descriptions can be added to your business profile page. They can also be earned by completing various tasks or given to you by your customers. Badges are a great way to highlight various features about your business.

What is industry broadcasting and how can I use it?

You can post special offers, news and announcements across your industry category by posting on VerView Industry News. This feature is only available to Pro Plan customers.

My Google reviews on my VerView business listing page isn't current. How can I update it?

You can refresh your Google review data by clicking on the refresh icon on your business page.

I want to have my business listing deleted

To remove a business, first claim the business listing page to prove your affiliation with the business. Afterwards, please submit a request for removal of the listing page with a legitimate reason. One example of a legitimate reason is the closure of the business. Customers have the right to share their reviews and voice their opinions and we will only remove a business listing page after it's been claimed and the request has been sent with an acceptable reason.

Is it easy to setup? (Easy to setup and use)

All YORP is 100% setup by our team and YORP works with EVERY website. Once setup, YORP works automatically and it is super simple to use.

How does YORP benefit my business? (Acquire new customers faster)

You are in control over reviews, your own website ranks for a review search and all traffic goes directly to your business, not 3rd party review sites.

How can I post handwritten reviews?

YORP enables you to take picture or scan handwritten testimonials and post them directly on your review platform enabling you to share untapped reviews.

How does YORP protect my business reputation?

YORP helps your business reputation by placing your own website and your own review platform on top of a Google search and pushing down 3rd party review sites. YORP lets you occupy page 1 of Google under a review search for your business.

How am I in control with YORP?

YORP "Your Own Review Platform" puts you in charge. With YORP you are not subject to rules of 3rd party review sites. You are the owner of reviews and in complete control.

How does YORP help stop negativity from spreading?

YORP provides a "Resolve" feature which lets you resolve negative reviews. Once resolved, the negative review is automatically requested to be removed from Google's indexing to minimize the spread of the negative review.

Can I share reviews posted on YORP on social media?

Absolutely! With YORP, you can instantly share your reviews on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google and more!

What is the price for YORP?

YORP is just $99.95/month and it includes the complete setup and all features. For fraction of the price of premium features on 3rd party review sites, you can own, control, and gain maximum benefits from reviews with YORP!